Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crime

These courses provide critical learning to the student on how criminals - drug traffickers, terrorists, syndicates, insider dealers, tax evaders, etc - hide the proceeds of their activities through money laundering. This complicated process aims to place their ill-gotten profits beyond the reach of asset forfeiture laws. The Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime courses are part of the compliance education curriculum for many financial institutions tasked with policing their transactions and reporting suspicious activities to authorities.

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Anti-Money Laundering for Insurance Professionals
On Demand
2 hrs Property and Casualty, Life and Health $50.00  $30.00 Add to Cart
Anti-Money Laundering - Supervisors
On Demand
*1 Hour(s) $50.00 Add to Cart
Anti-Money Laundering: Institutional Issues (Interactive)
On Demand
*2  $50.00  $30.00 Add to Cart