Product: Virginia UST Class C Operator Annual Refresher Training
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Virginia UST Class C Operator Annual Refresher Training


The PASS UST Class C training course consists of seven primary chapters. Each chapter is followed by a short quiz. Once a student has completed all chapters and quizzes, he or she will be directed to print out an Orientation Checklist. During the student's orientation tour of the facility, the student and the manager or Class B Operator will check off each item on the list as it is identified and explained. When the Orientation Checklist has been completed, the student may print his or her UST Class C operator certificate.

   There are no regulatory requirements listed for this course
Course Objectives

"Class C operators are the first responders to emergency situations at a UST facility. They are usually clerks of the facility.

Class C operators:
Respond to alarms, releases, and other emergency situations;
Control and/or monitor the dispensing or sale of regulated substances; and
May monitor fuel delivery to the tanks.

Class C operators must be trained on:
How to respond to emergencies (such as situations posing an immediate danger or threat to the public or to the environment and that require immediate action) and alarms caused by spills or releases from an underground storage tank system."

Course Outline

"Chapter 1 - Overview

This section gives a brief refresher on the many aspects of a UST facility that a Class C Operator is responsible for"

0.16 hrs

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