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"According to the Burson-Marsteller Global Social Media Check-Up 2012, the majority of the Fortune Global 100's companies-87 percent-are using one or more of the major social media platforms to communicate with online stakeholders, with Twitter being most popular both for companies and users talking about the companies. Big corporations are also using Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus and Pinterest.

The Social Media Marketing Specialist program helps you master all elements of the most important social media tools, and teaches you how to integrate the tools with each other and with external websites. Each lesson uses real-world examples and focuses on planning, optimization, best practices, and digital ethics. Worksheets and suggested hands-on activities accompany each lesson.

Social media is no passing fad. It is a necessary part of any successful marketing plan. Social media tactics are vital to effecting word-of-mouth marketing, launching PR campaigns, engaging brand advocates, and generating sales. So, businesses increasingly gravitate to social media to pitch their products by interacting with audiences and sharing content that educates, entertains, and enlightens. But have you ever wondered who's behind those accounts in this brave new world of social media marketing?

While the channels for promoting a company's products may have changed-from a print-based environment to one that is becoming increasingly digital-based-the fundamentals of a marketing and public relations position have not.

This Social Media Marketing Specialist program prepares you for a full- or part-time career as a social media marketing specialist or enhances your existing marketing, PR, sales, or business career.

Successful completion of this course not only prepares you for an exciting career in social media marketing, but gives you the skills necessary to adapt to the ever-changing social media landscape."


Course Objectives

The purpose of the Social Media Specialist program is to prepare students to assist the marketing director and advertising personnel in all aspects of social media marketing. This program covers the following key areas and topics: • Identify the main elements of the WordPress dashboard and of a WordPress blog post and describe the purpose of WordPress themes, static pages, custom menus, sidebars, and widgets • Summarize the techniques for creating good Web content • Define the elements of an optimized blog post and develop a blogging plan for an individual or organization • Identify the main elements and features of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus and describe how to create optimized Facebook pages, LinkedIn company pages, and Google Plus business pages • Describe the methods used to integrate social networking sites with an existing online presence and discuss best practices and privacy issues when engaging on social networking platforms • Identify and describe the main features of Twitter, the elements of a Twitter update, and how to post images, video, and other types of media to Twitter • Summarize the different options for creating mobile websites and mobile applications • Identify the types of location-based and QR code services and summarize how to use them • Describe the features and applications of media sharing sites like YouTube, Flickr and SlideShare • Summarize how to optimize profiles and media uploads for YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare, and Scribd • Define social bookmarking and crowd-sourced sites and distinguish their features • Create an optimized Pinterest account and discuss how to use Pinterest for business

The Following Courses Are Included In This Package:

Course Name Industry Course Delivery
Introduction to Blogs and Blogging with WordPress Career Training
Social Networking Essentials Career Training
Twitter, Location-Based Marketing, and The Mobile Web Career Training
Media Communities, Social Bookmarking, and Crowd Sourcing Career Training
Business Presentations Career Training
Social Media Marketing Specialist Final Exam Career Training

Topics Covered

"Introduction to Blogs and Blogging with WordPress: 25 Hours Blogging is an integral part of any social media strategy. Your blog becomes your own corner of the ""social"" web by allowing you to contribute original online content, and to add fresh updates to your other social media platforms. Social Networking Essentials: 25 Hours Social networking can be the most effective way to market any business or organization on the social web. But using these platforms inappropriately can prove disastrous. This course focuses on the three top social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. The course demonstrates how to prepare profiles and pages within these popular social networking platforms for business use, with an emphasis on optimization, best practices, and digital ethics. Additional topics include an overview of the platforms' mobile apps, and automating tasks using HootSuite. Twitter, Location-Based Marketing, and the Mobile Web: 25 Hours As the world relies more on mobile technology, micro-blogging tools like Twitter, location-based services like foursquare, and mobile apps gain in popularity. This course provides detailed coverage of the Twitter platform, and introduces you to location-based services. The course continues with an introduction mobile tools and technologies vital to online success. Media Communities, Social Bookmarking, and Crowd Sourcing: 25 Hours Media sharing communities like YouTube, Flickr, and SlideShare are an important part of any social media strategy. They offer a platform to connect with others around media, and to get a lot of exposure for individuals and businesses. These media sharing sites also make it easy to share images, video, and documents and integrate them into other social media accounts and websites. Social Media for Non- Profits: 5 Hours This course introduces learners to the use of social media in communicating, marketing, public relations, and fundraising for nonprofits. It explores the major social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest) as vehicles for nonprofits to reach their members, volunteers, and donors. Business Presentations: 25 Hours This Business Presentations course is designed to introduce students to tools and techniques used to create and deliver effective presentations to many types of audiences, including managers, colleagues, and existing and prospective clients. The goal of this course is to provide the skills and techniques necessary to prepare and deliver effective business presentations. It will be of interest to those who wish to gain insight into effective presentation development and delivery, and want to feel more comfortable making a presentation to a group. "

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Chisesi From Fort Bragg, NC Took Introduction to Blogs and Blogging with Wordpress, And Said:

I truly enjoyed learning about blogging, this class was straight to the point, challenged me as a learner and taught me things I have never known about blogging.

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