Product: Ladder and Stairway Safety
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Ladder and Stairway Safety


Stairways and ladders are major sources of workplace injuries and fatalities for construction workers. According to OSHA estimates, there are 24,882 injuries and 36 fatalities per year due to falls from stairways and ladders used for construction purposes in various industries. Almost half of these injuries are serious in nature and may result in time away from the job.

This module gives you a basic understanding of OSHA standards and the role they play in the prevention and elimination of work-related injuries and fatalities due to stairways and ladders in the workplace.

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Course Objectives

At the end of this module, you will be able to:

Define the safety guidelines and OSHA standards for using stairways and ladders in the workplace, with 70% accuracy.


Explain how to design, construct, use, inspect, and maintain stairways and ladders for use on the jobsite, with 70% accuracy.

1 hrs

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