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Excavation Safety (C)

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Cave-ins are considered the most dangerous trench and excavation hazard. In addition, other potentially fatal hazards also exist in excavations, such as asphyxiation due to lack of oxygen in a confined space, inhalation of toxic fumes, drowning, falls, water accumulation, etc. The OSHA standards intend to protect workers in trenches and excavations. This course gives you a basic understanding of how to work safely in excavations and what important points are required to consider when working in an excavation.


Course Objectives

Learning Objectives:
- Identify factors that pose a hazard to employees working in excavations
- Learn how to protect employees from cave-ins
- Understand the role of a competent person at an excavation site
- Explore other various related issues associated with excavations


Topics Covered

TOPICS COVERED: Hazardous and Toxic SubstancesFlammable and Combustible LiquidsFlammable and Combustible Liquid ClassificationsImportant Definitions





Subject Matter Expert

Michael Millsap - Mike has over 20 years experience in Environmental Health and Safety and is currently a certified Outreach Training Instructor with


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Matt From Riverside, AL Took Excavation Safety (C), And Said:

Great testing site! My company always uses this site and have recommended it to several others!

Posted a year and 9 months ago
carlos From Brooklyn, NY Took Excavation Safety (C), And Said:

exelent course thanks

Posted 3 years and 1 month ago
Thomas From Skippack, PA Took Excavation Safety (C), And Said:


Posted 3 years and 7 months ago