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Scaffolding Safety (C)

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This course provides a general overview of the safety measures that are required when working on a scaffold. The course begins with an introduction into the various types of scaffolds, and goes onto to outline the OSHA safety requirements and safety measure that can be taken to ensure that employees working on scaffolds are at little risk of injury or death.


Course Objectives

Learning Objectives:
- Identify the various classifications of scaffolds.
- Understand the basic OSHA safety requirements.
- Learn the measures that can be taken to ensure safe working conditions on a scaffold.


Topics Covered

PROGRAM OUTLINESafety Committees- Half of safety engineers say that safety committees are valuable, the other half say it's a waste of time and money.- When a safety committee is properly formed, supported and budgeted, they can be a success.- Employees are not the cause of safety committee failure.- Members bring problems to the committees that are turned over to the maintenance departments.- The maintenance department is overwhelmed and the committee becomes discouraged.- This is referred to as 'lip service to safety.' - The safety committee inspection team inspects the facility for safety hazards.- The supervisor might feel the safety committee is taken over the supervisor's responsibility.- Not allowing safety committee members time away from their job is a cause for committee failure.- A major problem is assigning a committee member to police the actions of their co-workers.Improving Safety Committees- Management must be supportive in the committee's efforts and provide a budget.- Develop policies and operating procedures for the committee.- Goals of the committee should be:o solving safety problemso increase safety communication among all employeeso improve employee participation in safetyo education and training- The committee should assign members to review safety problems.- Management should review options and make a decision on recommendations.- Feedback to the committee tells them management is committed to safety.- No response to a recommendation from management is a negative for the committee.- Inspection teams can be a good idea if member can improve inspection checklists, train employees and volunteer to help managers inspect their departments.- Safety responsibility remains with the manager, not the committee.- Safety committees should keep their safety policies and procedures updated.- Safety committees can make recommendations for improving training programs.- Safety committees can assist in OSHA compliance.- There must be a viable safety program before considering safety incentives.- Incentive programs are simply recognition programs for good safety performance.- Some incentives may work - some may not.- Safety committees need management direction and leadership.- Local fire departments, insurance loss control engineers and equipment manufacturers can be used for assistance in your safety program.- Safety committee members should know CPR and first aid training.- A safety committee can improve safety awareness, communications and training.





Subject Matter Expert

Michael Millsap - Mike has over 20 years experience in Environmental Health and Safety and is currently a certified Outreach Training Instructor with


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Fernando From Brooklyn, NY Took Scaffolding Safety (C), And Said:

Very well illustrated

Posted 3 years and 4 months ago
James From Schaumburg, IL Took Scaffolding Safety (C), And Said:

very informative, and helpful.

Posted 3 years and 5 months ago
Brian From Cherry Valley, CA Took Scaffolding Safety (C), And Said:

It was a good course with great information.

Posted 3 years and 7 months ago