Product: Confined Space Entry Safety Training
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Confined Space Entry Safety Training


This mobile compatible course is intended for all employees who may be required to enter into confined or enclosed work spaces to perform work. This course deals with the safety issues concerned with entering permit-required confined spaces. This course will instruct students about the hazards that may occur during the work in confined spaces.

OSHA is striving to provide safety to the workers in all required disciplines by providing courses such as this one, which helps workers to learn about industry hazards, especially in confined spaces.

   There are no regulatory requirements listed for this course
Course Outline

Describe confined spaces as defined in the module.


Identify the characteristics of confined spaces.


Discuss atmospheric conditions found in confined spaces.


Summarize a prevention program.


Name the duties of employers and employees.


Illustrate rescue and emergency services.


Apply testing protocol.

1 hrs

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