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Basic Workplace Safety Orientation

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This mobile compatible course gives employees an overview of some basic workplace hazards and how employees can protect themselves from them.
Employees may be exposed to many safety and health hazards while on the job. These include chemical hazards, fire hazards, electrical hazards, confined space hazards, and many other important workplace safety topics.


Topics Covered

Identify and take basic preventive measures against chemical hazards.
Examine proper respiratory and personal protective equipment (PPE).
Assess preventative measures protecting against workers falling from elevated work places.
Illustrate the procedures involved in locking/tagging out equipment.
Recommend protective measures for preventing confined space hazards.
Discuss fire hazard prevention.
Demonstrate basic first aid procedures.
Relate how to protect oneself from the threat of bloodborne pathogens.
Describe how to protect oneself from heat and cold stresses.



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5 Real Reviews From Actual Learners

ARIZON-Temp4 From , Took Basic Workplace Safety Orientation, And Said:

I think that having 360training is important because I have learned a lot of things that I thought really was common sense but actually turned out to a little more mind stretching then I thought it would be.

Posted a year and 8 months ago
CHRIS From PELHAM, AL Took Basic Workplace Safety Orientation, And Said:

the 360training course is very informative, easy to understand, and every employer should check it out.

Posted 3 years ago
Jeff From alvin, TX Took Basic Workplace Safety Orientation, And Said:

great course

Posted 3 years and 3 months ago
Maria From Miami Beach, FL Took Basic Workplace Safety Orientation, And Said:

Extremely help this course , I will recommend .

Posted 3 years and 4 months ago