General Safety Introduction to OSHA and the OSH Act

Introduction to OSHA and the OSH Act

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The purpose of this two-hour course is to provide workers with introductory information about OSHA. The course is comprised of the following six lessons:

  • Why is OSHA important to you?
  • What rights do you have under OSHA?
  • What responsibilities does your employer have under OSHA?
  • What do the OSHA standards say?
  • How are OSHA inspections conducted?
  • Where can you go for help?

This course provides basic knowledge of OSHA's history and mission, worker rights under OSHA, employer responsibilities under OSHA, OSHA standards, OSHA inspections, and safety and health resources, including how to file an OSHA complaint. This course will prove beneficial for those who are directly or indirectly involved with OSHA and the OSH Act.


Course Objectives

Explain why OSHA is important to workers.

  • Explain worker rights under OSHA.
  • Discuss employer responsibilities under OSHA.
  • Discuss the use of OSHA standards.
  • Explain how OSHA inspections are conducted.
  • Utilize helpful worker safety and health resources.




Quiz Information

At the end of every lesson, you will be given a short quiz to test your knowledge of the material presented in that lesson.

These lesson quizzes will help you prepare for the final exam. You will be able to view every assessment result, which answers you got wrong and right, and feedback as to why the right answer is the most correct.



You must score at least 70% on final exam to complete this course. You will be given up to THREE opportunities to pass the final exam.

Failure to successfully pass the final exam will result in being locked out of this online training program, and you will no longer be able to take the Outreach training in an online format.


Additional Information

You will find supplementary materials available for download by clicking the "Materials" tab on the menu located within the course player.

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