Product: Introduction to ET (Mainline Designs Course 1294)
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Introduction to ET (Mainline Designs Course 1294)


An introduction to the basics of ET (evapotranspiration) and its use in modern irrigation technology and controllers. This course will explain why we need ET based controllers in our modern times, and the theory and implementation in ET controllers in the marketplace. After finishing this course, the student will be knowledgable about ET and current ET controllers available today to make the best decision for his/her customer.

   There are no regulatory requirements listed for this course
Subject Matter Expert

Greg Watkins is a Licensed Texas Professional Engineer #55482 and a Licensed Texas Irrigator LI0017336. Greg has designed numerous irrigation projects including hospitals, churches, schools, apartment complexes, and residential homes. Greg's background in semiconductor design and product engineering for 35 years enables him to present a unique look at ET theory and implementation in smart controllers.

Course Outline

- ET Definition and Factors

- ET Standards

- Source and Accuracy of ET Data

- ET Scheduling Methods

- ET Controllers in the Marketplace

Course Pre-Requisite


State Requirements
8 hrs

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