ISO Trainings ISO 14001:2015 Changes & Transition

ISO 14001:2015 Changes & Transition

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  • Course Delivery: On Demand
  • Duration: 2 Hour(s)
  • Language: English
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Audience: This ISO 14001 Changes & Transition module is designed to cater for those with previous ISO 14001:2004 qualification and:
    - Are required to audit to ISO 14001:2015 management systems
    - Developing and implement an EMS to the new ISO 14001:2015 standards

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This course is specifically designed for people who are planning to migrate from ISO 14001:2004 to ISO 14001:2015. Upon successful completion of this course, delegates will gain knowledge and understanding of Annex SL and ISO 14001:2015.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will:

Introduction to Annexure SL

  • Learn why Annexure SL was developed
  • Explain purpose and application of Annexure SL
  • Understand Annexure SL as a generic framework
  • Review benefits, and application of Annex SL and its use by standard writers
  • Understand the new high level structure for all Management System standards
  • Definition of Process & PDCA Cycle.

Structure of EMS & Context of Organization

  • Outline the core structure based on Annexure SL
  • Outline High level structure, identical core text and common terms and definitions
  • Understand the scope of the organization
  • Identify and understand the context of the organization
  • Learn the business environment in which organization operates
  • Identify techniques to evaluate conformance with the context of the organization

Changes to EMS

  • Overview of ISO 14001:2004 and its structure and clauses.
  • Overview of ISO 14001:2015 and its structure and clauses.
  • Review of changes and differences between both versions.
  • Lear key changes and new requirements specified in EMS
  • Understand Environmental management system based on new requirements.

Topics Covered

Lesson 1: Introduction to Annexure SL
Lesson 2: Structure of EMS & its Context
Lesson 3: Changes to EMS
Course Summary

Regulatory Information

This is not a regulated course.


To qualify for this course students must have a previous competency against ISO 14001:2004


Subject Matter Expert

This course is created and brought to you by 360training, a leading provider of accredited e-learning courses to working professionals through today's leading schools, associations and corporations. 360training high-quality e-learning courses assist thousands of working professionals in a wide range of disciplines, helping them to succeed in today's marketplace, to renew licenses, to acquire certification or to prepare for a new profession.

This course was created by the instructional design staff of 360training in connection with field professionals whose many years of experience in adult educational theory and distance learning technology make the process of certification, compliance and training as convenient, engaging and cost-effective as possible.


End of Course Instructions

To print your Certificate of Completion please go to the "My Courses" section of your profile, and from the "Show" drop-down list select "Completed Courses". Once selected, please click on the "Print Certificate" icon in blue to print your Certificate of Completion.

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Quiz Information

At the end of each lesson you required to take a knowledge check test which must be passed with an 80% or higher in order to proceed to the next lesson.



The final exam must be successfully passed with an 80% or higher to receive the certificate of completion.


Additional Information

What is ISO 14001 Changes & Transition Training?

As with all environmental issues, ISO training includes instruction in how to implement changes and gain knowledge of how to adapt the workplace to the transition phase of changes to ISO 14001. However, it is important the designated ISO manager maintain vigilance and up to date workplace records and documentation.

Since ISO standards are reviewed every five years, the newest changes to ISO 14001 place greater importance on leadership roles in business and in environmental strategies and planning by knowledgeable professionals. Thus, transition training is helpful to develop greater levels of leadership experience regarding issues related environmental strategies and planning in the workplace.

The need for transition training is also seen in recent ISO changes that include improvement of environmental performance.

Note that in the U.S., as in many countries, the U.S. EPA encourages implementation of environmental management systems and compliance with ISO.

Although ISO standards are voluntary, environmental agencies in the US and internationally recognize the importance of establishing ISO 14001 standards. These international standards assist in the global effort to focus on important environmental issues.

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